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Can you imagine a world without cancer? It’s not just a dream. UVA Cancer Center is leading the way with compassionate care and groundbreaking research.

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Epidemiologist Joellen Schildkraut observed a link between talcum use and ovarian cancer among black women but conc…

Undergraduate Duo Nab Major Science Research Awards

Biology major Melanie Piller and biomedical engineering major Monika Grabowska received prestigious Beckman Scholarships that will allow them to continue pursuing their research interests. Click the photo to read more.

App Allows UVA Medical Staff to Communicate with Non-English Speaking Patients

The University of Virginia Medical Center is making sure all of its patients have the same level of understanding when they come in to the facility. Click the photo to learn more.

If you're 50 or older or have a family history of colorectal cancer, talk to your doctor about screening #colorectalcancer #coloncancer #colorectalcancerawarenessmonth

UVA trial offers new hope for patients. The Battle Within: Using the Immune System to Fight Brain Cancer • UVA Heal…

Managing two serious illnesses, like multiple sclerosis and cancer, is especially challenging. Here's what you should know about kicking off your care so you receive the best treatment possible for your personal situation.

Last week, Brian Dunn, Melissa Stanley, Onyi Odumosu, and Mike Hanley traveled to Buchanan General Hospital in Grundy, Virginia to help them establish a satellite site of our Lung Cancer Screening Program. Southwest Virginia has some of the highest rates of smoking and lung cancer in the country. Unfortunately, most of our state's Lung Cancer Screening Centers are in larger urban cities, which separates life-saving screening tools from those who need it the most. UVA Cancer Center UVA Health System #screeningsaveslives #lungcancerawareness

We had a lot of fun on #DressInBlueDay taking pics with Polyp Man (surgeon Charles Friel). But the reason for all that is because colorectal cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. — and it's often preventable. If you're 50+ or have a family history, talk to your primary care doctor about getting screened.

Cancer Center colleagues pose with polyp man on #DressInBlueDay !