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From treating sore throats to transplanting tiny beating hearts, UVA Children's Hospital experts can handle most anything, helping our smallest patients live healthier ever after.

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@UVa_Football visiting the #UVAChildrens #PedsICU!!! @UVA @uvahealthnews (note-parent provided consent)

@UVa_Football team hanging with our other #PedsICU rockstars - our PICU Nurses! #GoHoos @uvahealthnews

Playground injuries happen, but modern playgrounds are more age-appropriate. Hear from pediatric orthopedist @NBC29

Our @virginiafootball friends came to visit some of our smallest patients last Friday before their first game! It's officially fall and we can't wait to hang with these guys at "Football Huddle" every Friday before home games! Go Hoos! #uvahealthsystem #forthekids #childliferocks #FootballHuddle #UVAFootball

Ace Hardware in Harrisonburg, VA, Wins $7,500 for UVA Children's Hospital

The first place winner of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals' Miracle Bucket Display contest is Ace Hardware out of Harrisonburg, VA. They took home the big win with a shark-themed display, and they’ll receive $7,500, benefiting UVA Children's Hospital. Click the photo to learn more.

Kids With ADHD Often Have a Parent With ADHD

ADHD is a highly genetic brain disorder. For every child that has ADHD, there's a high chance that one or both parents has it too. Click the photo to learn more.

Our friend Chris from Picklberry Pie was a hit with some of our littlest patients today providing them with a show and chance to get out of their room! We love music and a chance to dance! #forthekids #childliferocks #childlifeplayroom #playroomfun #PickleberryPie