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From treating sore throats to transplanting tiny beating hearts, UVA Children's Hospital experts can handle most anything, helping our smallest patients live healthier ever after.

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We caught up with our friends from Great Harvest Charlottesville and The Covenant School (Virginia) today at the Battle Building and were treated to some great news! They raised $500 for #UVAChildrens through the recent 'Honey Bunny' sale! Thank you all so much! -And special thanks to Rashawn and Cara from Covenant, and Aileen and Michael from Great Harvest, for celebrating with us today! Emma! Emma was born 7 years ago with an unknown congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). She was in the UVA NICU for about 6 weeks to repair the CDH and recover. Every year since then, Emma and her family have done projects in honor of her courageous battle and in recognition of CDH Awareness Day (March 31st - her birthday!). This year, Emma got to choose and because all her baby pictures from the NICU showed her only wearing socks while she was too sick to wear clothes, she wanted to ensure all the NICU babies had something stylish. Her initial goal was to collect 1,000 socks to donate, but her parents thought that might be a bit unreachable. So Emma decided 373 pairs of socks was appropriate! Over the last couple of months, she collected 1,823 pairs!!! Last week, in addition to hosting a pizza party at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, she came to the NICU to make sure our current babies' feet stay warm! Thank you Emma for your unbelievable donation and more importantly for your heart of service!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park

An egg hunt for children tailored to special needs and their families at The Park on Massie Road on Saturday, April 15, 2017 was hosted by the Charlottesville Professional Firefighters Association, Blue Ridge Care Connection for Children, Charlottesville Fire Department and University of Virginia Children's Hospital. The event has happened annually since 1972 and featured 1,250 eggs this year. Click the photo to learn more.

Pediatric Urology Update: Nora Kern, MD brings us closer to understanding the relationship between physicians at the University of Virginia, and the families of patients still too young to effectively represent themselves.

TODAY is GivingToHoosDay and you have a chance to double the impact of your gift! The members of the Health Foundation Board of Directors have pledged $30,050 in matching funds. Make your gift before midnight to help UVA Health System reach its match. Then spread the word by using #WhyIMatch #UVAHealthFoundation to share with us what UVA means to you.

HOO loves our kids at #UVAChildrens? Wednesday, April 12, is Giving to Hoos Day—a 24-hour University-wide day of giving that celebrates UVA. Make your gift any time between now and Wednesday, April 12, and you'll help us unlock an incredible match from members of the UVA Health Foundation Board. This year, they have pledged $30,050 in matching funds to inspire your support of the incredible work being done across UVA Health System. Visit to learn more. #GivingToHoosDay

Play games. Heal kids. It really is that simple! Our Extra Life fundraising efforts have earned Charlottesville "Guild" status! If you want to learn more about how playing video and board games can help the kids at #UVAChildren's please email, or sign up for our Guild Launch meeting on April 11th at The End Games in Charlottesville!

Last year, we shared a video of Kyrie celebrating his first birthday in the hospital. Here he is a year later, with a new heart!

Local Bakery Raising Money for UVA Children's Hospital

Great Harvest in Charlottesville is getting ready to bake lots of Honey Bunnies, and for each one sold, some money will be donated to the UVA Children's Hospital. Click the photo to learn more.