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#TBT: As the Maria and John Kluge Endowed Chair in Compassionate Care at UVA School of Nursing, Dr. Lili Powell officially received her chair last week! The CCI team had a lovely celebration, with Maria Tussi Kluge and former Kluge Chair Susan Bauer-Wu in attendance as well! Congratulations, Dr. Powell!

Well done! These @CHSBlackKnights biology students worked with #UVA medical researchers for months

Several @MedicineUVA faculty have been honored with portraits commissioned by the Provost Office: Lori Conklin MD M…

Grateful to the Kluges and Woodards for making these professorships @UVASON possible!

New Chairs for University of Virginia Nursing! Congratulations, Lili Powell - the Kluge Prof of Compassionate Care Initiative at UVA - and Richard Westphal - the Woodard Clinical Professor of Nursing. Proud of you both!

New Chairs for @uva Nursing! Congratulations, Lili Powell - the Kluge Prof of @UVaCompassion - and Richard Westphal…

Always good to see those who went through one of our fellowship programs sharing their expertise

Hero of the Week: @uvaneurology #pgy1 Robin Ulep @robin.girlwonder presenting her work on Telestroke at the @american_heart International Stroke Conference #ISC18 #HOTW #telestroke

Dr. Marguerite Lippert posses with past and current residents who attended that gala reception at The Rotunda.