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Ask the expert: How do recent advances in heart imaging help patients? @AmericanHeartVA

Marian Lawson, RN, is a manager in our Heart & Vascular Center. She works on projects that impact and improve communications between inpatient, outpatient and procedural areas. She's been at #UVA for 31 years. #teamtuesday #nursing

#UVA’s heart failure follow-up program is cutting costs and improving outcomes

Thank you to all who came out to @mimisrun5k this weekend to support our Heart & Vascular Center! @NBC29

Seven volunteers from UVA's Interventional Radiology team, including our own Chairman, screened nearly 50 people in a community event today for vascular disease. They found 9 patients to be at high risk and an additional 5 at moderate risk. The patients were advised to seek follow up for varicose vein treatment and high blood pressure as well. A big thanks to our dedicated staff giving of their time to help the community today. Volunteers included Brigitte Jean Kelly, Sandra Schwaner, Brian Holben, Debbie Berry, Shauna Clark, Mike Thomas, Dr. Park and Dr. Matsumoto. Job well done folks!

UVA Determines ‘Fountain of Youth’ Gene Helps Prevent Heart Attack, Stroke

The Oct4 gene, thought to be inactive after embryonic development, plays a key role in preventing heart attacks and strokes and may offer a way to revitalize aging cells, researchers say.

The summer edition of Vim & Vigor, UVA's family health magazine, is out!

Steve Carell shares the details of his hip replacement. Plus, read about a surgery for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome & chiari malformation & medical yoga tips.

After a heart transplant, this teen did an Eagle Scout project to help other kids in the hospital @MLH_CHD

Kyrie Hughes is awaiting a #hearttransplant and was too sick to celebrate his first birthday in March. So today, his family and our #PICU team threw him a party. Happy birthday, Kyrie! #uva