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Meet Scott Sperling, PsyD, Assistant Professor of Neurology:

Former Wahoo Ryan Zimmerman Strikes Out MS

Former University of Virginia baseball player Ryan Zimmerman was striking out multiple sclerosis on Sunday. Click the photo to learn more.

MLB Player Ryan Zimmerman Hosts Bowling Fundraiser to Raise Money for MS

A Major League Baseball star and former Wahoo baseball player returned to Charlottesville on Sunday, November 12, for a bowling fundraiser to support research in the fight against multiple sclerosis. Click the photo to learn more.

Nationals First Baseman Ryan Zimmerman Hosts Fundraiser for MS Research at UVA

Click the photo to view a slideshow from the event.

Focused Ultrasound Shows Promise to Treat Parkinson's Tremor

An initial test to determine if focused ultrasound can reduce tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease has produced encouraging results. Click the photo to learn more.

Generation Us: Teaming Up With Others Can Improve Life with Parkinson's Disease

Instead of assuming the worst, it’s important to remember that each person’s experience with Parkinson’s disease will be different. Dr. Matthew Barrett, a movement disorders neurologist at UVA Health System, explains how ongoing research can lead to new medications and treatments. Click the photo to learn more.

Resident Spotlight of the week: Pediatric neurology resident Ryan Cappa @capptastic and his family getting into the spirit of the season. #boywonder #batmanfamily #pedsneuro #halloween

HOTW: Senior resident Rahul Guha @latenighttacos catches up on the latest in ICU medicine and 4 years worth of vitamin D at the 15th annual Neurocritical Care Society Meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Here he is presenting his research on the use of heart rate variability for prognosis after cardiac arrest. Great job Rahul! #mauhoohiwahiwa #thatmeanscongratulations #vitamind #prognosis #formalwear #neurologyresearch #neurocriticalcare #neurocriticalcaresocietymeeting