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Pioneering Research Earns Med Student the Prestigious Howard Hughes Fellowship

Medical student Michael Dong received recognition for his work probing the nervous system and funding for a one-year fellowship to focus on his research. Click the photo to read more.

UVA’s Focused Ultrasound Named a Top Clinical Research Achievement

UVA neurosurgeon Jeff Elias’s work pioneering scalpel-free brain surgery has the potential to improve the lives of millions who suffer from essential tremor. Click the photo to read more.

Andy Southerland interviewing Jony Kipnis, Chair of UVA Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia, for the Neurology Podcast. Dr. Kipnis delivered a Hot Topics Plenary talk @aanbrain on "The Role of CNS-draining Lymphatics in Neurological Diseases." #brain #neuro

Congratulations to alumnus Jeff Elias, MD '94, and his team at @uvahealth. Their pioneering use of focused ultrasound to treat essential tremor, the most common movement disorder, has been named one of the top 10 clinical research achievements of 2016 by the Clinical Research Forum. #uvamed #uvamed

HOTW: Jeff Elias and Binit Shah's New England Journal of Medicine paper on focused ultrasound was named as one of the Top 10 Clinical Research Achievements of 2016. The Clinical Research Forum presented Jeff Elias with the award last night at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. Congratulations! #essentialtremor #focusedultrasound #fus #nationalpressclub #clinicalresearch

Decoding Brain Injuries With 5 Questions

Neurologist Javier Provencio explains new advances UVA is making in the treatment of brain aneurysms and how our brain reacts and prioritizes certain stored information after an injury. Click the photo to learn more.

More from the @epilepsyfdn National Walk for Epilepsy yesterday in Washington DC--Jennifer Langer's daughter, Hannah! Great job! #epilepsy #epilepsywalk

Heroes of the Week: Rahul Guha and mom Mrs. Guha, Nathan Fountain, Howard Goodkin, Donna Broshek, and others from @uvahealth who participated in the @epilepsyfdn National Walk for Epilepsy today in Washington DC. Great job! Also pictured is the Original Hero of Charlottesville, Mr. Jefferson. #epilepsy #epilepsywalk #cherryblossom #thomasjefferson #HOTW

We are proud and excited to welcome our newest UVA adult and child neurology residents: Nathaniel Beachy, Madaline Cross, Philip Gastrell, Joy Lerner, Vanessa McMurry, Derek Pyland, and Robin Ulep. These future neurologists will soon make the move to beautiful Charlottesville to begin a new chapter in their training! We are thrilled to have them join us! @uva @uvahealth #matchday #matchday2017

UVA School of Medicine faculty Dr. Christopher Deppmann and graduate student Kanchana Gamage are improving our understanding of why and how neurological degeneration occurs in certain diseases, with possible implications for more effective treatments.