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People from all over the world come to UVA to seek care for difficult, rare, and complex conditions of the brain, nervous system, and spine.

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Watch the Epilepsy Foundation of America's live Q&A on a rare type of laughing seizures.

@uvaneurology Stroke Team with @american_heart CEO Nancy Brown at AHA Awards Banquet in Houston - recognition @uvahealth for Gold Plus Honor Roll Elite status.  Go Team! #ISC17 #stroke #timeisbrain

Clarke Haley at the @american_heart International Stroke Conference 2017 in Houston: "When it comes to new treatments, we must seek reliable and persuasive data in the context of well-designed, prospective randomized clinical trials." "Do two things every day: Thank someone, and demonstrate humility." #ISC17 #stroke #houston #thankfulness #humility #leader

UVA Club Red: Coloring for Stress Relief? Why You Should Give It a Try

According to Leslie Hubbard, program director for student learning and initiatives at the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center, activities like coloring actually have a positive impact on your health because they focus the mind on the task at hand and distract you from negative thoughts, which help alleviate stress. Click the photo to read more.

The Gift of a Kidney: Spring Vim & Vigor

Read the remarkable story of a family's history of kidney transplants, focused ultrasound and the recovery of actor Mark Ruffalo from a rare brain tumor. Click the photo for the spring issue of UVA Health System's family health magazine.

Bill Tricarico woke up one morning and couldn’t hear out of his right ear. What the doctors found sent him on a surprising journey that ended up saving his life.

It's RITE week in CVille! In the next eight hours, these neurology residents are most likely to: a. Wish they had reviewed that list of lysosomal storage diseases one more time b. Remember what Dr. Southerland said about the substantia innominata c. Summon test-taking nirvana by channeling Dr. Taplinger d. Develop a fortification scotoma e. All of the above!

Hero of the Week: Dr. Wooten at Neurology Grand Rounds, reviewing what we know about the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease and how we can cure it. Dr. Wooten has made major contributions to the field of movement disorders and is beloved by his patients. #parkinsonsdisease @parkinsondotorg @pdfparkinson @michaeljfoxorg @uvahealth