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People from all over the world come to UVA to seek care for difficult, rare, and complex conditions of the brain, nervous system, and spine.

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Heroes of the Week: UVA's Kelly Gwathmey and Rebecca Scharf performed UVA's first intrathecal treatment today for spinal muscular atrophy! We have high hopes this groundbreaking treatment will greatly improve the lifespan and quality of lives for many suffering from SMA. @theuniversityofvirginia @curesmaorg #sma

HOTW: Distinguished @uvaneurology alum Reza Sadjadi @sendjed emigrated with his family from Iran to pursue clinical training and an academic career in the U.S., now doing great things on faculty @massgeneral. He spent years studying in London and Vancouver before emigrating to the US. We are extremely proud that Reza, his wife Ava--a primary care physician--and their beautiful daughter (and future neurologist), Meena, are part of our UVA family! #HOTW #neurology #raschanalysis #bow tie

Brain Institute Has UVA Well-Positioned in Hot Field of Neuroscience

The new institute is funding research projects to bring together top minds at the University and beyond to help solve some of the toughest problems in brain science. Click the photo to read more.

Research Roundup: Advances in Brain Research and Bone Density Genetics, December 2016

UVA's December 2016 research included funding for brain research, genes that influence bone density and more news about the immune-brain connection. Click the photo to read more.

Unknown Soldiers: UVA Discovers Powerful Defenders of the Brain

A rare and powerful type of immune cell has been discovered in the meninges around the brain, suggesting the cells may play a critical but previously unappreciated role in battling Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, meningitis and other neurological diseases, in addition to supporting our healthy mental functioning. Click the photo to read more.

Researchers at #UVA’s Center for Applied Biomechanics use cutting-edge technology to study brain injuries.…

Heroes of the Week ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Allison Crowell, Kelsey Satkowiak, and Jason Crowell who, along with our ER and Interventional Neuroradiology Teams, nurses, pharmacists, radiology technicians, and EMS providers, rapidly assessed and treated a patient with acute ischemic stroke. Their quick action resulted in this patient's rapid improvement and he was able to leave the hospital two days later with no significant deficits! #timeisbrain #SayNoToLVO #stroke #tpa #HOTW

Cross-university research teams will receive funding to tackle pressing problems in brain development and function, including concussions, multiple sclerosis and Rett syndrome.

Balancing Act: Pediatric Nursing Professor Manages Living and Teaching With MS

With 25 years of experience in pediatric care, UVA professor Amy Boitnott is perfectly poised to teach and guide aspiring nurses – a mission she feels so strongly about that not even an MS diagnosis has been able to interfere. Click photo to read more.

Great discussion today on leadership regarding Colonel Chris Hadfield's book as part of our leadership book series #anastronautsguidetolifeonearth Thanks! @colchrishadfield #expeditionarybehavior #space #rocketman #🚀