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People from all over the world come to UVA to seek care for difficult, rare, and complex conditions of the brain, nervous system, and spine.

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Doctors didn't expect Pam to survive her stroke. Joan is battling ovarian cancer. Read more inspiring patient stories in the winter issue of our family health magazine.

Dementia doesn't just strike the elderly or people with Alzheimer's #podcast @HoosForMemory

When Do Children Show Morality?

New work by a University of Virginia psychologist finds that the seeds of personal and social morality emerge as early as 5 years of age. Click the photo to read more.

Love this shot of #UVA neurosurgeon Kenneth Liu and one of his patients, a 17 y/o advocate for those with rare dise…

Ryan Zimmerman Holds Annual Fundraiser in Albemarle County

Ryan Zimmerman, former University of Virginia baseball player and current Washington Nationals first baseman, held his annual Zims Foundation fundraiser for multiple sclerosis.

Veteran's Day is Friday, and we're using #TeamTuesday to recognize some of the veterans on our team. Nicole Chiota-McCollum, MD, went to Georgetown University School of Medicine via the U.S. Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program. After graduation and a residency at Mayo Clinic, she headed to Keesler Medical Center in Mississippi to fulfill her active duty Air Force commitment. There, she spent three years caring for retirees and active duty military and their adult dependents, seeing patients with headaches, traumatic brain injuries and general neurology issues. Dr. McCollum wanted to continue a family tradition of serving in the military, and she found it rewarding to care for active duty members and the people who support them. After she completed her service in July 2015, she came to UVA to do her fellowship. She treats patients with ischemic strokes, mini-strokes, cerebral aneurysms and other types of cerebrovascular disease. She's currently pursuing a master's degree in education with a concentration in health professions and would like to teach residents and students.

Strong showing by @uvaneurology at the Bill Steers Men's 4-miler today! Nathan Fountain, Binit Speedy Shah ⚡️⚡️⚡️, Mark Quigg, David Taplinger and Jason Crowell. Thanks @uvaurology and @raggedmountainrunning !

We're constantly hearing horror stories about concussions, especially in football. CBS19's Bridget Condon talked to a researcher at UVA Health System who is using technology to help us better understand what happens during each hit.

Virtual Reality Becomes Virtual Research at UVA Visualization Lab

New virtual-reality equipment in the University’s Visualization Lab is geared toward expanding research possibilities. Kimberley Barker, the librarian for digital life at UVA’s Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, sees many possible applications for VR in health care, including pain management therapy, physical therapy (the brain interpreting virtual movements as actual movements, sending signals to the muscles to keep moving – possibly reducing the need for frequent physical therapy sessions), mindfulness and surgery practice. Click the photo to read more.