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UVA's Code ANA Teaches Schools About Food Allergies

Each year in this country, 200,000 people require emergency medical care for an allergic reaction to food, and experts say the problem is growing. Click the photo to learn more.

For the next time you're planning for an appointment. Remember, though, that exams with contrast may take longer so be sure and check!

Clock Mystery from 350 years Ago Sheds Light on Human Health

IN A NUTSHELL: A peculiar phenomenon observed in pendulum clocks in 1665 also explains how the body times the replacement of disease-preventing cells in our guts, researchers have found. The discovery could help doctors determine when to give drugs, cancer treatments, probiotics and vaccines for best effect. Click the photo to read more.

At age 34, Dr. Jay Gillenwater became the youngest chairman of the department in 1967. During his tenure the department acquired the first lithotripter, a device used during cystoscopy to crush and remove bladder, ureteral, and renal stones. The acquisition was a major milestone in the history of the Urology Department and the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia.

#TeamTuesday: If a patient needs a feeding tube at home, Dana Roach, an administrative support team member with Continuum Home Infusion Pharmacy, may be their primary contact. She talks to them over the phone, arranging deliveries and making sure they have the supplies they need. Recently, one patient who Dana had been working with for years drove from Richmond to Charlottesville just to finally meet the voice on the other end of the phone. He surprised Dana during a department meeting, gave her a bear hug and said, “I just had to meet you Dana. Your genuine compassion, respect and service has helped me greatly during my sickness.”

Shira Strongin: A Voice For Those With Rare Diseases

Shira Strongin was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, along with other rare diseases. She came to UVA and was treated by Dr. Kenneth Liu. Click the photo to learn more.

Caring For Loved Ones: Summer Vim & Vigor, UVA Health System's family health magazine

Read how actress Amy Schumer's career was shaped by caring for her father. Plus, how a routine colonoscopy saved one woman's life. Click the photo to begin!

Other kids were intimidated by Charlie's large wheelchair and medical equipment. So UVA biomedical engineering students built him a special bike.

Sleep apnea can affect your child's weight, behavior, mood and energy. More in this @NBC29 interview #parenting