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Senior retail manager Daryl Wakatsuki oversees our two cafeterias and four smaller cafes throughout the Health System. He’s involved in every aspect of operations and enjoys working with the @localfoodhub #TeamTuesday #UVA

A family history of breast cancer doesn't automatically mean you'll have breast cancer. Find out what a genetic counselor at UVA says about getting tested for breast cancer.

"Ultrasound has the benefit of not being limited by dense breasts and does not produce ionizing radiation. Complete breast ultrasound can be used as a supplemental screening tool, along with mammography, in women with dense breasts." Learn more from Dr. Jonathan Nguyen about automated whole-breast ultrasounds in The Daily Progress at UVA Breast Care UVA Health System

#UVA Nurse Elizabeth Alvarez speaks with @WVTFRADIOIQ about her work to bring aid to one isolated Puerto Rican town

Steve was so sick with liver disease that he went out to lunch with his brother to say goodbye. Later that day, he got his new liver. 15 months later, he's running a marathon.

This new 3D mammography machine reduces your radiation exposure by about 40% #NationalMammographyDay

Ladies, check out The Cavalier Daily's article on how the UVA Cancer Center's Breast Care Program is helping to save lives of women across Central Virginia. UVA Breast Care UVA Health System

Experts Gather at UVA to Discuss Opioid Crisis in Virginia

The University of Virginia is trying to help experts get a handle on the opioid crisis sweeping the commonwealth. Click the photo to learn more.

Health Care Providers Offer New Prescriptions for Pain

UVA and UPMC are both expanding their Enhanced Recovery After Surgery programs to treat surgery pain using as little opioid medication as possible. This includes combining opioids and nonopiods, getting patients on their feet immediately after surgery, and not having them fast for as long beforehand. Click the photo to learn more.