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A 2017 study found heart surgery outcomes improved for patients in Michigan following #Medicaid expansion, writes…

Listen Up! This UVA Professor Has Invented a Better Earplug

A unique material created by a popular UVA physics professor is about to enter the market as hearing protection. Click the photo to learn more.

UVa group’s seed fund spurring local entrepreneurship

The University of Virginia has now invested nearly $1 million in the early stages of student and faculty startups, joining the growing number of schools investing in homegrown enterprises. Universities increasingly have investment funds and programs to boost entrepreneurship within and around their campuses. UVa’s Licensing & Ventures Group’s $10 million Seed Fund, launched in 2016, so far has supported three Charlottesville-based ventures: TypeZero Technologies Inc., TearSolutions Inc. and Mission Secure Inc. Click the photo to learn more.

UVA Neurosurgeon Jason P. Sheehan Named Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Neuro-Oncology

As the Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor in the UVA Department of Neurosurgery and Neurosciences Service Line Director, author of numerous books and more than 400 peer-reviewed papers and a recipient of multiple awards for his contributions to translational and clinical studies for minimally invasive intracranial and spinal surgery, Jason P. Sheehan, MD, PhD, has made a significant impact on the field of neurosurgery locally and internationally. Click the photo to read more.

Some of the babies were placed on their stomachs, not their backs, to sleep #SIDS

Women More Likely to Suffer Sports-Related Concussions, Studies Suggest

A literature review from UVA faculty reveals that female athletes are actually more likely to experience sports-related concussions, but doctors should treat each case individually. Click the photo to learn more.

Biotech with treatment for chronic dry eye disease tied to diabetes raises seed capital

Jeff Elias, MD, Honored as Innovator of Year for Focused Ultrasound Work @uvahealthnews @uva @uvalvg

Medicine for Humanity - Thank You

Every day, new scientific breakthroughs are leading to innovative new treatments for disease. But is science alone enough? For many patients—and their physicians—good health goes well beyond medical interventions. Click the photo to read more.