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UVA House Call: Peggy Scott on Clinical Trials

Peggy Smith from the Office of Cancer Clinical Research talks about some of the myths surrounding clinical trials, including people thinking that they're guinea pigs for an experiment.  Click the photo to learn more.

Just 1 Session of Exercise Can Help Make Cells Healthier

Researchers have identified a specific way exercise can promote good health and longer life. Click the photo to learn more.

Pleased to announce @UVASON's new research chief: Welcome, Anna Maria Siega-Riz! @UVA

Patent Success: The 30-Year Impact of One UVA Innovation

Click the photo to take a look back at the drug that became one of the most successful UVA inventions of all time and the lasting impact it’s had on continuing research and innovation at the University.

HOTW: Our own Kelly Gwathmey @kellygwathmey Her paper on sensory neuronopathies was the number one most downloaded article published in Muscle and Nerve (the top neuromuscular journal) in 2016. #altmetrics #neuromuscular #muscleandnerve #uvaneurology

Doctors Can Now Predict the Severity of Disease Just by Measuring Molecules

Using a high-tech scientific instrument called “optical tweezers,” researchers can measure minuscule changes in the interactions of molecules in order to predict the severity of a wide range of diseases with a genetic component. Click the photo to learn more.

This new clinical trial looks at a one-day radiation treatment for women with breast cancer @NBC29 #UVA

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month! Did you know that UVA Cancer Center Director, Dr. Tom Loughran, first discovered a type of chronic leukemia known as LGL Leukemia? Click below to learn more about the disease from Dr. Loughran and about our innovative program. #fightbloodcancer #BloodCancerAwarenessMonth #LGL

New Technique Lets Doctors Predict Disease Severity

Researchers have found a way to predict patient outcomes and disease severity in many genetic conditions, including Alzheimer's, cancer, obesity and more. Click the photo to learn more.

Spine Surgery Research: UVA Pushing Forward

Spine surgery is painful. But good news: UVA spine surgeons are busy conducting research to improve recovery and outcomes from surgery on the spine. Click the photo to learn more.