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The Health Issue: Local innovators help create modern miracles

When it comes to chronic diseases, local health care providers and researchers are emerging as key players and national innovators. And they’re using familiar tools—smartphones and apps—to provide customized care for patients and their families. Click the photo to read more.

What's causing the opioid crisis? @goodreasonradio takes a close look, with interviews featuring #UVA medical schoo…

Read about the great work on the #OpioidEpidemic by UVA ID's @kmcmanusMD, Dr. Becca Dillingham, and fellow Dr. Mega…

Lab-on-a-Disc Technology Promises to Speed Up, Simplify On-Site DNA Analysis

A new technology that miniaturizes laboratory processes is being developed for use away from central labs. Click the photo to learn more.

Congratulations, Dr. Jeff Elias, the UVA 2018 Innovator of the Year! Save the date for the award ceremony on Feb. 2…

Dr. Rajesh Balkrishnan answers question regarding Opioid use associated with nonadherence to adjuvant endocrine the…

Well done! These @CHSBlackKnights biology students worked with #UVA medical researchers for months

Why do seemingly healthy people have heart attacks or #stroke? It could be these mutated stem cells @nytimeshealth

Hear from Cree Gaskin, MD, about how voice recognition and artificial intelligence help create interactive reports…

UVA Brain Institute Funds Another 10 Multi-Disciplinary Research Teams

Twenty-nine researchers are now members of 10 teams seeking answers to a range of brain questions, ranging from the mechanics of concussions to developing new cancer therapies. Click the photo to read more.