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Medical and nursing research offer immense, life-saving potential for changing how we prevent and treat illness and injuries, now and in the future.

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UVA Researchers Identify Neurons That Control Brain’s Body Clock via @uva

New UVA Institute Takes on Global Infections, From Labs to Legislatures

The University’s new Global Infectious Diseases Institute is facilitating cross-Grounds networking to tackle society’s biggest health threats. Click the photo to learn more.

#UVA, global researchers move one step closer to eliminating SIDS once and for all:

Data Science Institute Seeks Team-Based Responses to Big Challenges

Big challenges in health care, robotics, social issues and more require big data analysis. UVA’s Data Science Institute is leading the way. Click the photo to learn more.

We've received a grant from @StBaldricks to help with pediatric #cancer research #uvachildrens @UVA_PICU

A just-published @AAPJournals paper IDs global priorities for tackling #SIDS #safesleep

Hirschsprung Disease: One Mother’s Story of Her Newborn’s Rare Disease

Read the story of Lennox, born with Hirschsprung disease. He's healthy now, due to UVA's experts in critical care, surgery, digestive health for babies. Click the photo to learn more.

How Texting Can Protect Babies From Sudden Death

Videos delivered by text or email encouraged new mothers to use safe sleep practices for their babies, reducing the risk of sudden unexpected infant death. Click the photo to learn more.

Indestructible Virus Yields Secret to Creating Incredibly Durable Materials

It lives in boiling acid that would dissolve flesh and bone. Now scientists have unlocked the secrets of the indestructible virus. Click the photo to learn more.