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Medical and nursing research offer immense, life-saving potential for changing how we prevent and treat illness and injuries, now and in the future.

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Great article about @UVA professor, Gordon Laurie and the clinical trial underway for Tear Solutions' Lacripep:

$2.3m grant amplifies research opportunities for nursing grad students - via @uva

In 2015, researchers made a startling discovery about the human brain. Here's how #UVA's collaborative spirit helpe…

Bold UVA Research Could End Lung Shortages, Save Lives of Recipients

The National Institutes of Health are investing more than $8.6 million in several promising areas of UVA research related to lung transplants that could make a major difference in patients’ lives.

UVA's Mark Miller, MD participating in @UPMCSportsMed Sports Medicine Fellows Research Day in Pittsburgh #Colleagues

The grants will support several research projects, including one examining a technique that would allow surgeons to rehabilitate and transplant injured donor lungs.

"Telehealth tools have been shown to lessen the effects of health-care worker shortages and facilitate care by the right provider at the right time."

Board of Visitors Approves Academic Affiliation with Inova

A new academic affiliation with the Inova Health System Foundation will include a research institute and a School of Medicine campus in Northern Virginia. Click the photo to learn more.