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A LEGACY OF LEADERS University of Virginia nurses have a long history of leadership, and Josephine Sarah McLeod, former superintendent of UVA Hospital's nursing training school between 1924-37, was one such leader. A grad of Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, McLeod was a lifelong educator and administrator who worked as a leader of the Grad Nurses Association of Virginia, The Virginia State Board of Nurse Examiners, and the Virginia League for Nursing Education, among other groups. Nearly a century later, assistant prof. Tomeka Dowling continues that tradition of leadership as president-elect of the Virginia League for Nursing, state constituent league of the 124 year-old National League for Nursing, the nation's oldest professional nursing organization. (brought to you by UVA Nursing's Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry)

What's it like being a national nursing org president? @UVA's tell all in the latest Virginia Nursing Legacy -…

VOICES CARRY In the latest issue of VNL, get to know the four national nursing organization leaders who make University of Virginia their academic home, and see how our nursing grads, students, faculty and staff are leading with moral courage as they respond to racial and religious hatred in our town. American Nurses Association AACN American Association of Critical-Care Nurses AWHONN - The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

#TeamTuesday: Mark Adams earned an education degree in 1984 and didn’t become a nurse until 13 years later. But it was a natural fit. His mother was a nurse for 35 years, and as he was growing up, Mark pored over her nursing manuals. Later, he worked as a lifeguard, a volunteer paramedic and a special education teacher before becoming the executive director of Central Shenandoah Emergency Medical Services Council. After graduating from UVA School of Nursing, Mark began working in our hospital’s coronary care unit and is now the nurse manager. He also oversees a program that cools patients who have experienced cardiac arrest by delivering refrigerated saline through catheters. The lower body temperature stabilizes body and brain function. Without the cooling, only 2-10 percent of patients survive; with it, up to 30 percent do. Read more about Mark’s cooling work:

We're so proud of all of our runners who crushed the Hoos Heal course this morning -- including our Kids Dash runners!! Thank you so much for supporting our School of Nursing!! tread Happy Notus Sports Fry's Spring Station #hoosheal #UVANursing #treadhappy #running #welovenurses

It was a beautiful morning for a race! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support the Hoos Heal 5k to support the School of Nursing!! A huge shoutout goes to our friends at tread Happy for making this such a fun and energetic event!

Why are @uva students lining up for @UVASON course 'Intro to US Healthcare'? "It's personal." - via @uva