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At UVA Health System, we are taking a critical look at what has come before to discover, research, teach, and care for patients in an entirely new way. You can help.

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The 2017-18 U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals” guide rates University of Virginia Medical Center as the No. 1 hospital in Virginia and honors 11 UVA specialties as among the best in the U.S. This is the second consecutive year UVA tops the Virginia hospital list.

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My #Charlottesville is where thousands gather together to fight against breast cancer. #ThisIsMyCharlottesville

#UVA researcher Michael McConnell is tackling the underlying causes of destructive neuropsychiatric diseases.

Meet our #WCW, C. J. Walker! A two-time cancer survivor, C. J. knows firsthand how quickly cancer can change your whole life. But she didn’t give up. She told her doctor that if she had to complete five months of chemo, her goal would be to train and run the Women’s 4 Miler faster than she had in the previous year. She knew she could make it, and she did. Even in the face of adversity, she remained strong and always remembers how blessed she is to have a supportive family. Her eight-year old daughter once told her, ‘Mommy, it hurts to see you having to do chemo and having two parents without hair because Daddy cut all his hair off. But you are still beautiful and Daddy and I will always take care of you.’ We’re blessed to have women like you supporting us, C. J. Email if you'd like to share your stories, and read C. J.'s full story at!

And then there were FIVE (nursing org leaders, that is)! Fiercely proud of our own prof. Tomeka Dowling who was elected Virginia's National League for Nursing president, effective May, 2018, joining American Nurses Association pres. Pam Cipriano, AWHONN - The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses pres. Emily Drake, AACN American Association of Critical-Care Nurses immediate past-president Clareen Wiencek, and American Association for the History of Nursing pres. Mary Gibson. Congratulations!

As a TEAM, #RadiologyResidents provide quality care to the people in #Charlottesville. #ThisIsMyCharlottesville #HoosTogether

Preserving Organs for Lung Transplant Research

The lung transplant research laboratory at UVA and the UVA School of Medicine is looking at how their research can directly impact patient care. Click the photo to learn more.

#UVA Researcher Seeks to Unravel the Brain’s Genetic Tapestry to Tackle Rare Disorder #GNA01

Q&A: Institute’s New Director Leads Quest to Glean Wisdom From Data

After three years in operation, UVA’s Data Science Institute is leading the way in its emerging field. More is planned under its second director, Philip Bourne. Bourne came to the University in May from the National Institutes of Health, where he led a major program to coordinate analysis of biomedical research and make it publicly available to international researchers. Click the photo to learn more.

UVA Earns Two National Awards for Heart Attack Care

UVA Health System has received two national awards from the American Heart Association for providing prompt, high-quality care for patients suffering heart attacks. Click the photo to learn more.