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At UVA Health System, we are taking a critical look at what has come before to discover, research, teach, and care for patients in an entirely new way. You can help.

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Researchers at UVA are on track to eradicate a disease that plagues nearly 1.5 million Americans, many of whom are children and adolescents. With the help of experts from across disciplines, UVA’s School of Medicine is leading a three-pronged approach to better detect, control and eventually cure Type 1 diabetes.

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Have you ever worried about privacy while searching online for health information? Here are some tips and places to find advice. "There are also good resources online for learning about digital privacy. The Library Freedom Project provides links to online privacy tools. And Consumer Reports has compiled a detailed list of privacy tips—you can consider all of them, or just a few."

Thanks to all of the alumni and guests who joined us in Durham last month for a night at the ballpark. It was great seeing everyone! Learn about upcoming events at #uvamed #UVA

I would say we make a great team! Thank you Coach Bennett for supporting the @UVACancerCenter! @DrShannonUVA

Our patients LOVE UVA (and the Rotunda) almost as much as we do! Stay tuned to find out part of the reason why as we share all of the awesome things we have planned for the month of July!❤️ #cville #childlife #uvachildrenshospital #rotunda #uva #summerevents

Nathan Finch, Neuro Fellow, was awarded the Mulholland Award for Teaching Excellence in Foundations of Medicine…

We feel so inspired by Natalie Krovetz. Humble and strong, Natalie runs the #W4M to make sure the UVA Cancer Center’s Breast Care program can be there for other women the same way it was there for her. We’re also thankful she goes that extra mile and does so much to fundraise in addition to running. Today, Natalie, you’re our hero. You can read her full story at Remember to honor your heroes, and nominate someone to be the next #WCW by emailing

#UVA professor Daniel Willingham on what happens to the mind when people read.

This free webinar with UVA neurologist Nathan Fountain will explore focused ultrasound and other potential technologies for treating certain kinds of seizures.

2 years ago, #UVA researchers discovered something that would change how we look at neurological diseases…