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Researchers at UVA are on track to eradicate a disease that plagues nearly 1.5 million Americans, many of whom are children and adolescents. With the help of experts from across disciplines, UVA’s School of Medicine is leading a three-pronged approach to better detect, control and eventually cure Type 1 diabetes.

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Did you know you can register for the Women's Four Miler for $1 if you commit to fundraising for the race? That's something to celebrate! More info on

UVA School of Medicine kidney research has unexpectedly led to a discovery about the formation of the heart, including the identification of a gene responsible for a deadly cardiac condition.

PUPPIES! Our furry friends visited the Infusion Center last week and brought smiles to our team members. Keep an eye out for animal therapy in our Infusion Center in the weeks to come. #uvacancercenter #puppylove #animaltherapy

To all the nurses out there whose compassion, resilience, professionalism, and dedication is second to none - THANK YOU! In our humble opinion, every week should be Nurses' Week! <3 Consider acknowledging the special nurse(s) in your life with a gift in their honor!

Helping Keep Children With Food Allergies Safe

Curious about the recent rise in food allergies among children? University of Virginia allergist Dr. Alice Hoyt addresses common questions and where we go from here. Click the photo to learn more.

Casey Just, UVA Hospital Auxiliary President, presented the NICU with 250 baby journals last week. They are designed specifically for "early arrivals". This is an amazing donation that parents of our premature infants will undoubtedly treasure.

Class of 2017: Turf Battle Lands This Nursing Grad in the Emergency Room

Native New Englander Todd Lange has balanced school and single fatherhood for the last three years. He is earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing this month and will work in the emergency room in UVA’s Medical Center come August. Click the photo to read more.

Sun Safety: 8 Myths About Skin Cancer Debunked

UVA dermatologist Mark Russell, MD addresses 8 common myths about sun safety and skin cancer. Click the photo to learn more.

We’re Handing Out Cigarettes

Aaron Yao, PhD, of our Department of Public Health Sciences and the UVA Cancer Center, is on a crusade against cancer in Appalachia. Smoking rates there remain terribly high — up to 30 percent of people smoke. In his latest effort to combat the problem, Yao has launched a new study to see if reduced-nicotine cigarettes can reduce withdrawal symptoms associated with with reducing nicotine dependence. He’s teamed up with Steven K. Malin, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at UVA’s Curry School of Education, for the new study, which is providing cigarettes at no cost to female smokers of working age in Charlottesville, Danville and Wise County, in Southwestern Virginia. Click the photo to read more.

How Organ Donation Changed These Patients’ Lives

We caught up with three patients who had a lung or liver transplant years ago. Click the photo to read how organ donation changed their lives.