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The 2017-18 U.S. News & World Report “Best Hospitals” guide rates University of Virginia Medical Center as the No. 1 hospital in Virginia and honors 11 UVA specialties as among the best in the U.S. This is the second consecutive year UVA tops the Virginia hospital list.

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On November 1st, the UVA Health System honored Cat Elmore, MSN, RN, CNL, and Carol Morrill, MSN, RNC-NIC, CNL, as our Health Literacy Champions for 2017. Cat and Carol were recognized for their innovative and exceptional efforts to improve communication with patients and their families, especially by using language interpreters. Cat worked with refugees as a care coordinator in the International Family Medicine Clinic, and Carol works with families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Congratulations Cat and Carol, and thank you for your great work! You are heroes in our eyes!

Growing Replacement Limbs or Organs? Researchers Meet to Compare Notes

On Monday, UVA will host a symposium designed to ramp up the biofabrication of body tissue. A UVA expert briefs us on the state of the art in the burgeoning field. Click the photo to learn more.

So VERY proud of our newly coated and pinned nursing students whom we honored over Family Weekend @uva - see more:…

Any amount of breastfeeding reduces #SIDS risk, the researchers found

What's the difference between the ER, urgent care or a walk-in primary care clinic? @NBC29 #Cville #video

First hospital visit of the school year with some of our sisters! #cmn #uvachildrenshospital #phimu #philanthropy

Someday, a lost limb might be replaced through the regeneration and creation of skin, bone and muscle tissue. Or researchers could grow or build an organ to replace a diseased or injured one.

What’s Metabolic Syndrome? An Endocrinologist Answers

If you have metabolic syndrome, you're at a greater risk for developing heart disease. Find out how endocrinologists help patients reduce their risk. Click the photo to learn more.