UVA Cancer Center

Imagine a World Without Cancer

It wasn't long ago that many in the medical community doubted that the immune system might be induced to fight cancer. Dr. Craig Slingluff has never been deterred by this conventional wisdom. His team at the Human Immune Therapy Center has been working for more than 20 years to understand the immune response to melanoma.Their efforts have led to a number of novel approaches for melanoma and other cancers—cancer vaccines that have been administered to hundreds of patients with melanoma with promising results.

This move toward personalized, targeted medicine cannot come too soon. When we look into the future, we see men, woman, and children whose lives are untroubled by cancer. We see the day when cancer becomes a chronic condition.

It's not a dream. At the UVA Cancer Center, we're leading the search for a cure.

Groundbreaking Cancer Research

Our researchers are translating exciting discoveries in the lab into promising new treatments for patients. Private support helps speed the pace of innovation — the best hope for patients and their families who know that every moment counts. Learn more.

Promising New Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final proving ground for new cancer treatments, and sometimes a patient's last hope. Philanthropy is a crucial component of financing clinical trials, ensuring that promising new therapies help the patients who need them most. Learn how clinical trials help cancer patients.

Innovative, Compassionate Patient Care

Cancer patients deserve access to the most advanced treatments possible in an environment that addresses their emotional and personal needs. Private support helps ensure these needs are met and allows us to develop and sustain programs targeted at prevention and early detection.