UVA Children's Hospital

Healthier Ever After

From treating sore throats to transplanting tiny beating hearts, UVA Children's Hospital experts can handle most anything. We have child-sized medical equipment and cheerful, colorful exam rooms — everything is designed especially for children and families. 

UVA Children's Hospital supporters champion the lives of children every day. Along with supporting the needs of patients and their families, the gifts of UVA Children's Champions provide seed funding for essential research in childhood diseases — research that is taking place right here at UVA.

We are proud to announce that any gift you make to UVA Children’s Hospital – no matter the size – makes you a UVA Children’s Champion. 

UVA Children's Hospital Annual Fund

The UVA Children's Hospital annual fund provides support where the need is greatest. Find out how you can help.

Support Families & Patients in Need

As a public hospital, UVA Children’s Hospital never turns families or patients away, even if they are unable to pay for their care. More than half of our families qualify and receive assistance from Medicaid for healthcare coverage.

Learn more.

Child Health Research Center

UVA's new Child Health Research Center brings together scientists and clinicians to uncover the fundamental causes of childhood diseases and to pioneer new treatments, personalized therapies, and cures. Learn more about the CHRC

The Du Bose Fund

Supports hospitalized children (especially NICU babies) and their families by providing for items and services not included in the normal operating budget. Learn more.