Teaching the Art & Science of Medicine & Nursing

Nationally we are on the verge of a severe shortage of physicians, as well as advanced practice nurses and nursing faculty. In order to help meet this challenge, UVA must attract and retain extraordinary faculty of the highest caliber—both in clinical and research roles. These faculty leaders are a beacon for the nation’s best students.

What does it take to attract and retain the brightest scientists and teachers? Endowed professorships recruit and retain faculty of this stature, allowing the University to stay competitive with other leading teaching institutions.

At the same time, scholarships give UVA the ability to provide financial support to deserving students who seek a career in medicine or nursing, allowing them to pursue their studies and easing financial burden of student debt for new graduates.

Such investments pay untold benefits in future advances and innovations in healthcare.

How You Can Support Medical and Nursing Education


Gifts of $2 million and above may be used to create a named endowed professorship in a particular department within the School of Medicine or the School of Nursing. The endowment provides a salary supplement that helps UVA attract and retain outstanding faculty. The endowment may be named to recognize the generosity of the donor or to honor an individual identified by the donor.

Faculty Support

Our outstanding faculty cultivate a rich student experience, push the boundaries of healthcare, and foster interdisciplinary collaborations to advance education and discovery. There are many ways you can help support our faculty—provide vital funding to establish research programs, augment start-up packages offered by the schools, or help with retention of leading faculty here at UVA. Learn more.

Scholarships and Fellowships

Gifts of $250,000 and above may be used to create named endowed fellowship and scholarship funds in the School of Medicine. In the School of Nursing, gifts of $100,000 and above may be used to used to create a named scholarship fund.

In the face of rising tuition and fees, scholarships make it possible for UVA to offer enrollment to qualified students regardless of their financial means. Equally important are graduate fellowships, which help us compete for the best students entering advanced study.

Endowment gifts bring with them the opportunity to pay lasting tribute to the donor or to honor a loved one, a friend, or colleague.