The Race to Discover New Treatments

At UVA, our researchers are making great progress in finding new cures and treatments for diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer. Our nursing researchers tackle clinical issues, such as decreasing hospital infection rates or using phone apps to help patients manage their medications. Your gift for research will help us open the doors to new treatments, cures, and methods to manage care. Competition for research grants is highly competitive. Often, private support for early research can foster innovation and help us get state and federal support later on.

A Wise Investment

Private support jumpstarts promising research efforts. These gifts help retain, attract, and energize talented investigators and serve as a wise investment—what we discover here at UVA helps investigators across the nation and beyond.

You can support research at UVA in several areas:

  • Basic Science—research at the cellular level aimed at discovering the fundamental causes of disease
  • Diagnosis—research focused on better methods to detect disease in its earliest stages
  • Treatment/Drug Discovery—research focused on ways to more effectively treat disease
  • Delivery of Care—research focused on clinical efficiency, resiliency, and new tools for patients

What Your Gift Can Do

  • Speed life-saving discoveries to prevent and treat disease by providing seed funds for research
  • Quickly move discoveries out of the laboratory and to the bedside by supporting clinical trials
  • Put more researchers to work on finding cures by establishing professorships to help us recruit the most talented physicians, scientists, and nurse leaders
  • Give our researchers the resources and equipment they need to search for answers
  • Fund nursing research in clinical protocols and new tools to improve patient care