How to Make an Outright Gift of Stock

When you give stocks directly to the Health System — instead of selling the stock to make a gift — you can escape paying capital gains. You can also earn a charitable tax deduction for the fair-market value of your contribution up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess deduction can be carried over for up to five years.

Gifts of securities are credited at the market value on the day the University gains control of the assets.

Please call us at 434.924.8432 or 800.297.0102 to find out how giving appreciated securities offers special tax advantages while supporting UVA's vital health programs.

Make a Gift by Electronic Transfer

Giving stock through electronic transfer is the easiest and most expedient method if you maintain holdings in a brokered account.

Depository Trust Company, or DTC, is the clearinghouse for our electronic security transfers. Each brokerage firm has a specific DTC number.

Provide the following information to the transferring broker:

  • Clearing Broker: Pershing LLC
  • DTC Number: 443
  • Account Number: N7M-001327
  • Credit: University of Virginia Gift Account
  • Clearing Broker: Bank of New York/Mellon
  • Reference: Donor's name

Let the UVA Gift Accounting Department know before you make a transfer so that the University can make arrangements with its broker to receive the stock. The University cannot sell an unidentified security. Also, make sure indicate the purpose of the contribution.

Make a Gift Through Stock Certificates and Stock Powers

If you send a stock certificate that's in your name, you must include a letter of intent. Under separate cover, also send a signed stock power (PDF).

We don't recommend sending signed certificates. Stock powers are available from Gift Accounting or from any broker. Your signature is the only item needed on the stock power. Your signature must be guaranteed by a bank or broker.

If the certificate is in the University's name, no stock power is needed. The process for re-registering stock certificates (transferring the certificate into the University's name) can take two to four weeks.

Stock certificates should be sent to:

UVA Gift Processing Services
PO Box 400331
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4331

Phone: 434-924-7018


If the certificate has been re-registered to the University of Virginia, a letter should be included identifying the donor and the purpose of the gift.