UVA's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Epileptic seizures affect more than 3 million Americans.

  • In children, seizures can hinder learning and social development.
  • Adults with epilepsy experience restrictions on driving and independence.
  • People with epilepsy may voluntarily restrict their social interactions to avoid having a seizure in a public setting.
  • The cause of epilepsy is often a mystery, creating even further frustration.

In the brain, PET scans reveal what can only be described as an electromagnetic storm. With each storm, a moment is lost and precious memories are washed away.

A Beacon of Hope

UVA's F.E. Dreifuss Comprehensive Epilepsy Program provides patients with:

  • Initial and ongoing consultations
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics
  • Leading-edge treatments to help achieve remission of their seizures

Ongoing Research Helping Lives

Each year, the program touches the lives of over 3,500 individuals coping with epilepsy. This doesn't include the untold numbers helped by our decades of research, or the countless family members and friends who take comfort in knowing their loved ones are being treated with respect, compassion and world-renowned expertise at UVA.

Our Most Pressing Need

There's a great national need for highly skilled physicians and researchers in the epilepsy field. UVA is well-positioned to help meet this need.

Trainees at UVA learn from leaders in the field and work on multidisciplinary teams that include nurses, social workers, nutritionists and educational counselors. Their experiences include ample opportunities to participate in, and generate new ideas for, the newest epilepsy research that happens every day at UVA.

The Role of Philanthropy

Philanthropy plays an important role in creating new and greater educational opportunities within UVA’s epilepsy program. Fellowship support allows us to attract the best and brightest and helps fund their research and specialized education. These epilepsy fellows will be trained to provide comprehensive care to patients today while searching for the cures of tomorrow.