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Can you imagine a world without cancer? It’s not just a dream. UVA Cancer Center is leading the way with compassionate care and groundbreaking research.

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A new discovery from @MedicineUVA's Anindya Dutta gives us a promising new target for developing treatments for the…

HPV Discovery Opens Door to New Cancer Treatments

We know a good bit about how HPV (human papillomavirus) causes cancer, down to a particular protein it makes to stop healthy cells’ natural ability to prevent tumors. Scientists have tried for years to find a way to block that protein, but with little luck. A new discovery from our Anindya Dutta, PhD, gives them a promising new target for developing treatments for the HPV cancers. Click the photo to read more.

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These newer prostate cancer treatments are more effective and have a smaller risk of side effects, like urinary inc…

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Cancer Pain? There's an App for That

With an NIH grant, prof. Virginia LeBaron will develop a bedside app to help cancer patients and clinicians in developing nations get the pain meds they need. Click the photo to learn more.

Stomach cancer is associated with high levels of nitrates, which are in many cured or smoked meats, fish, vegetable…

A @uvahealthnews husband-and-wife team just received $1.8M from the @NIH to improve radiation therapy + breast surg…

UVA Health System Facebook Live: Dr. Chip Landen

Click the photo to watch UVA ovarian cancer researcher Chip Landen discuss his research, including a potential noninvasive early detection method involving tampons.

UVA partners with VCU for free ovarian cancer course

UVA and VCU will be offering a free educational course on gynecological cancer research in Richmond this weekend. Click the photo to read more.