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Medical and nursing research offer immense, life-saving potential for changing how we prevent and treat illness and injuries, now and in the future.

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In 2018, our supporters impacted the lives of so many patients, doctors, nurses, researchers, and students at…

Research has shown that mental health care providers are significantly more likely to diagnose non-white patients w…

Exercise Before Surgery Can Protect Both Muscles and Nerves, UVA Study Suggests

It is sometimes necessary to restrict blood flow after injury or during surgery, but restoring circulation can also cause injury to blood-deprived muscles and nerves. Zhen Yan is seeking ways to prevent that, and exercise could be key. Click the photo to read more.

Exercise Before Surgery Can Protect Muscles and Nerves, Study Shows

Exercise can protect both muscle and nerves from damage caused by the restoration of blood flow after injury or surgery, new research suggests. Click the photo to learn more.

Next Capital Campaign Is Off to a Great Start

The next capital campaign, Honor the Future: The Campaign for the University of Virginia, is off to a great start. This campaign will officially launch in October 2019, but has been tallying gifts since the end of the last campaign four years ago. The overarching goal is to raise $5 billion by 2025, which will allow the University to bolster strategic objectives in service of the greater good. The Health System’s portion of Honor the Future is called The Campaign for Health and has a $1 billion goal to support initiatives in patient care, research, and medical and nursing education across the Health System. Click the photo to read more.

In cases of domestic violence, 30-35% of women experience strangulation. @UVASON associate professor Kathryn Laugho…

This forward-thinking @UVA program leverages our benefactors’ generous support to advance science, education and se…

Wonderful news for our undergrad researchers + faculty thanks to the generosity of the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Fou…

Beckman Program’s Renewal Generates Unique Lab Opportunities for Undergrads

Fourteen UVA faculty mentors participate in the Beckman Scholars Program, which funds 15 months of student research for two undergraduates a year. Click the photo to read more.