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WHAT WE LEARNED. While we have more work to do in this domain, we are proud to be the ONLY nursing school so far to participate in Shaun R. Harper's Race & Equity Institute. Thanks to him, our university peers, and those who acknowledge how critical this topic is to future nurses, teachers, engineers ... really, to every human.

So thankful for UVA School of Nursing's own professor Vickie Southall who was celebrated by Louisa County Public Schools earlier this month as a "Community MVP." Southall, a beloved University of Virginia #communityhealth #nursing professor who's deeply embedded in her Louisa hometown, is a shining example of a servant leader nurturing nursing's next generation. Her nursing students teach nutrition, CPR and first aid to middle and high schoolers, assist in emergency response drills, and work across a variety of sites to understand the ins and outs of community health work. Congratulations, Vickie!! #TeamLCPS

There's A LOT to celebrate this season at @UVASON, including being recognized with our first-ever 2018 HEED Award,…

The Virginia Marie Cirenza Scholarship Fund is the Bell family's way of honoring a mother's legacy - and also makin…

There's A LOT to celebrate here at UVA School of Nursing ... feted by Sigma Nursing for our healthy work environment, and home to a growing number of talented and diverse students, faculty and staff. We're proud to have earned a 2018 HEED Award for the first time, too, a reflection of the thoughtful and inclusive ways we collaborate, teach, learn and grow. Thanks, INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, for the honor!

The Bells' confidence in the Nursing School (@UVASON) inspired them to establish the Virginia Marie Cirenza Scholar…

Midcentury to Modern, UVA's Men in Nursing

Some 62 years after UVA Nursing’s 1901 founding came its first enrolled male student, Thomas Watters, an ex-Navy corpsman who was admitted in 1963, a year after the program opened to men. Watters – who became nursing class president – would go on to graduate in 1966 and join the U.S. Army’s nurse anesthetist program. Click the photo to learn more.

Nursing, Pediatrics Professor Named Distinguished Fellow of the National Academies of Practice

Haizlip, who teaches both students and clinicians teamwork skills, will be officially inducted into the National Academies of Practice in Medicine in March, 2019. Click the photo to read more.

Thanks to two @UVASON investigators, an @NIH grant, and a partnership with Nepalese clinicians, the development of…

RT @Leeza_MC: A fun filled morning full of holiday cheer, @presjimryan & @UVASON students! #HappyHolidays