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As the only Comprehensive Transplant Center in Virginia, UVA provides lifesaving treatment for patients needing heart, lung, pancreas, kidney, liver, and islet cell transplants. We are also dedicated to cutting-edge research and discovery – giving patients and their families the gift of time.

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Casey: Kate gave up a kidney, Joe got another

Here's a heart-warming little story about love, karma, kidney transplants, and some health regained after a years-long struggle. Click the photo to read more.

Congratulations Dr. Jess Lewis and @costisifri on this important work in Transplant ID! #UVA_IDpubs

Speaking now at our 2018 Winter Retreat: Daniel “Trey” Lee, MD, director of UVA’s pediatric stem cell transplant program. #uvamed

“50 years ago, nobody thought that this will ever happen. And today it’s just standard medical care.” — José Oberholzer, director, UVA Transplant Center

Behind the Badge: Vic Laubach, Lung Transplant Researcher

What does it take to become a lung transplant researcher? Vic Laubach explains his journey to become a researcher at UVA School of Medicine. Click the photo for more.

Steve was so sick with liver disease that he went out to lunch with his brother to say goodbye. Later that day, he got his new liver. 15 months later, he's running a marathon.

Our organ transplant program is turning 50 this year! We started with a kidney transplant in 1967 #organdonor

Conor was born with maple syrup urine disease, which can cause major health problems. But because of UVA Children's Hospital's partnership with Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, he got a liver transplant within a few weeks of going on the waiting lists.