UVA Cancer Center

Cancer Care Done Right

Voted one of the Best Doctors in the U.S., Dr. Leigh Cantrell is part of UVA’s multidisciplinary team of oncologists, surgeons, researchers, oncology nurses, and support personnel that serves thousands of women each year. Their combined skill and dedication offer our patients personalized care during all phases of treatment—and beyond.

It’s not enough just to treat cancer. For women with a family history of cancer, the High-Risk Breast & Ovarian Cancer Program is designed to find their level of risk and identify which screening methods and risk-reduction options they should use. It’s the only program in the region that offers such extensive preventative care, including genetic counseling and testing as well as personalized cancer screening options and risk-reduction efforts.

At UVA Cancer Center, we’re not content to rely on the treatment options available today. We’re pushing for what can be—asking the tough questions and pioneering advances that will one day stop cancer in its tracks.


Groundbreaking Cancer Research

After a cancer diagnosis, patients and their families know that every moment counts. That’s why UVA researchers are dedicated to translating exciting lab discoveries into promising new treatments. Private support opens doors and speeds the pace of discovery. Learn more.

Promising New Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final proving ground for new cancer treatments, and sometimes a patient's last hope. Philanthropy is a crucial component of financing clinical trials, helping to ensure that promising new therapies help the patients who need them most. Learn how clinical trials help cancer patients.

Comprehensive Patient Care

A cancer diagnosis is one of the hardest moments in anyone’s life. Cancer therapies are rapidly evolving, but two important questions remain. What’s the best course for the patient? What will a patient need to make it through their treatments? Learn how UVA Cancer Center answers these questions.

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Caring for the Whole Patient

Cancer wrenches patients from their normal lives. Supportive care helps these patients reembrace their lives, even when their new “normal” includes cancer. Philanthropy expands the ways we can offer compassionate care to our patients and families. 

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