UVA's Heart & Vascular Center

Personalized Care for Every Heart

When Jimmy Howell came to UVA on a football scholarship, he also began managing a heart condition. Referred to Dr. Robert Battle after an athletic physical uncovered an irregularity, Howell was diagnosed with an enlarged aorta and mild connective tissue disorder. Howell's younger brother has the same condition, suggesting a family link. Thanks to integrative and specialized care, genetics counselor Matthew Thomas can confirm the link and counsel both brothers, as well as their future children. 

Researchers in UVA's Heart and Vascular Center are advancing genetic testing and personalized medicine to create the future of cardiac careoffering patients the must customized care possible. 

Useful, life-saving knowledge—that’s the hallmark of UVA's Heart and Vascular Center. UVA’s Heart and Vascular Center is home to some of the most respected cardiologists, heart surgeons, and care teams in the field. 

The Atrial Fibrillation Institute at UVA

Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of abnormal heart rhythm in clinical medicine. Still, managing A-fib patients is challenging and must be highly individualized. UVA's proposed Atrial Fibrillation Institute will set the standard for A-fib care, education, and research, and offer new hope for A-fib patients everywhere. Learn more.

Critical Areas of Care

The Heart Center’s core strength is its “heart team” approach to cardiovascular care. For even the most complex heart conditions, patients can find all the care they need at UVA. Learn more about our critical areas of care.

Cardiovascular Research

The pace of our progress in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease depends on fresh ideas, but it's often difficult to get funding for new and untested approaches from traditional sources.

Private support provides critical funding for research that may not yet be competitive for larger federal grants and speeds potentially lifesaving progress.