UVA Brain Institute

Rewriting the Future

Jonathan Kipnis is transforming our understanding of the brain's relationship to the immune system.

In 2015, Kipnis identified lymphatic vessels connecting the brain to the immune system, vessels long thought not to exist. His groundbreaking discovery may hold the key to treating Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, and autism.

Unlocking the mysteries of the brain requires building a network that is as nimble and creative as the brain itself. UVA Brain connects talented faculty and students across the University to develop better methods for understanding the brain; to seek new ways to prevent, treat, and cure brain diseases and injury; and to equip the next generation of neuroscientists and clinicians.


Together, we must make a commitment to fuel discovery and foster the next generation of neuroscientists and clinicians. The pace of discovery is getting faster, but for those impacted by neurological conditions, it’s still not enough. By supporting UVA Brain Institute, you have the power to change lives.



UVA Brain Institute

Disorders of the brain can change a person forever. They can alter who the person is, how they act, how they feel, and even how they see the world. By asking and answering the question What If, the UVA Brain Institute transforms patients’ lives. Learn more.


Did you know that the immune system is constantly surveying the brain? Or that your immune system might make you smarter? Researchers at UVA’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia bring a multi-disciplinary approach to basic science research, and are revolutionizing our understanding of the human brain. Learn more.

Focused Ultrasound

UVA is pioneering a potentially life-changing, scalpel-free surgical treatment for patients with essential tremors and tremor-dominant Parkinson's disease. These innovative treatments have the potential to dramatically improve patients' quality of life. Learn more.

Revolutionizing Stroke Care and Research

If you or a loved one has a stroke, every minute counts. After a stroke, brain cells surrounding the blocked artery begin to die. Rapid evaluations are essential to providing the right treatment to maximize recovery. Learn more.

UVA's Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

UVA's multidisciplinary team of epilepsy specialists touches the lives of over 3,500 patients each year with a combination of clinical care, outreach and research. Learn more.

Neurological Care Tailored for Children

Children with neurological disorders often need treatment that’s diff erent from adult care. Children can react diff erently to common therapies, and the impact of their condition on home and school life can be more challenging to manage. Learn more.

Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

UVA is committed to aggressively pursue new avenues for treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD). At UVA, we are building an innovative program that extends from basic research to the application of new ways to diagnose and treat AD. Learn more.

Individualized Neurological Patient Care

The demand for intuitive, comprehensive care for those suffering from neurological disorders will increase as our population ages. Private support will help us offer new hope to these patients and their families.

Supporting Top-Notch Talent in the Neurosciences

Gifted physicians and scientists are the most critical components of any major clinical or scientific enterprise. To build on our existing strengths, UVA must recruit and retain talented leaders in neurology, child neurology, neuro-oncology, neuroscience, psychiatry and neurosurgery — as well as prepare the next generation of neuroscience leaders. Endowed gifts—for professorships, fellowships, and resident support—are some of the most valuable tools in this effort.