Advancing Compassionate, Comprehensive Patient Care

Connor Woodle has a rare genetic disorder that resulted in him being born without thumbs. Now, he has all the dexterity he needs thanks to Dr. Bobby Chhabra, co-founder of UVA Hand Center, who created thumbs for Connor over the course of two operations.

“I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be watching Connor do even the simplest things,” says his dad, Jason Woodle. “A fanatic about Cheerios, Connor can pick them up between his new thumb and fore­finger with the best of them.”

Chhabra performed a digit pollicization on Connor, an extremely complex procedure that entails detaching the index finger with its nerves and blood vessels, rotating and repositioning it to the position of a normal thumb and attaching the muscles and tendons to provide proper function.

“In my view, pollicization is one of the most gratifying operations you can ever do,” says Chhabra, who chairs UVA’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery. “In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I went into hand surgery. It can improve a child’s quality of life dramatically.”

Make Great Care Even Better

How do you define exceptional care? Each year, thousands of people come to UVA Health System looking for help in an emergency, hope in the treatment of a chronic illness, or healing from serious medical conditions.

Patients thrive under the care of physicians and nurses who are specialists in their fields. They benefit from access to innovative treatments and cures, many of which come from our own laboratories. They find hope from clinical trials that are offered close to home, where they can receive support from family and friends.

That’s why UVA has been named the #1 hospital in Virginia for the second year in a row.

We couldn't do all this without you.

What Your Gift Can Do

Across the Health System, opportunities exist to improve patient care.

  • Create family space for newborns needing intensive care
  •  Develop new techniques for diagnosing heart disease
  • Support special clinics for people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • Send a dedicated nurse to a professional conference