Research at UVA

UVA School of Medicine researchers, led by Victor E. Laubach and Dr. Irving Kron, are working to dramatically increase the number of lungs available for transplant—and then save the lives of the people who receive them.

These investigators have developed a new technique to allow surgeons to rehabilitate injured donor lungs and dramatically reduce the large waiting list for lung transplants. They are also developing ways to prevent lung rejection and detect post-transplant complications much sooner.

By pioneering robotic surgery techniques that improve patient outcomes to discovering new ways to keep organs viable longer, UVA investigators and physician-scientists are working toward the day when waiting for an organ, or having your body reject one, is a thing of the past.

A Constant Pursuit for Answers

Never before has biomedical research offered so much potential for new, life-changing treatments and cures. Fresh knowledge and tools related to genetics, targeted therapies, and immunology are all leading to remarkable advances in the understanding and treatment of a vast range of illnesses and injuries.

Private support jumpstarts promising research efforts. These gifts help retain, attract, and energize talented investigators and offer immense potential for changing how we treat illness and injuries in the future.

You can support research at UVA in several areas:

  • Fellowship Support
  • Faculty Recruitment and Retention Packages
  • Start-up funding

What Your Gift Can Do:

  • Speed life-saving discoveries to prevent and treat disease by providing seed funds for research
  • Quickly move discoveries out of the laboratory and to the bedside by supporting clinical trials
  • Put more researchers to work on finding cures by establishing professorships to help us recruit the most talented physicians, scientists, and nurse leaders
  • Give our researchers the resources and equipment they need to search for answers