Caring for the Whole Patient

A Circle of Care

A comprehensive supportive care program treats patients holistically, addressing their emotional and psychological needs, while at the same treating cancer and its symptoms. Patients who participate in these programs experience relief from many of the side effects of cancer treatment, such as pain, fatigue, and frailty. Integrative programs—such as massage, counseling, and wellness and exercise programs—help to relieve anxiety and tension. Cancer impacts more than patients who are in active treatment; therefore, our supportive care program extends to caregivers and cancer survivors as well.

As we begin to turn the tide in defeating cancer, we are grateful to offer continuing care for more cancer survivors, who may still experience lingering physical and psychological issues related to their cancers. Providing specialized care for these survivors and helping them thrive is a growing priority for UVA Cancer Center.

It's not only scientists and clinicians who are fighting cancer. It's also individuals who share our belief in caring for the whole person and who invest financially in moving this important work forward.