Neurological Care Tailored for Children

Children with neurological disorders often need treatment that’s different from adult care. Children can react diff erently to common therapies, and the impact of their condition on home and school life can be more challenging to manage.

That’s why the pediatric neurologists at UVA are experts in the special needs of young people. They have a long history of providing comprehensive, familycentered care to children with neurological disorders ranging from fetal and developmental neurology to neuromuscular diseases and traumatic injury.

As the needs of our patients change, the growth of UVA’s program improves accessibility first and foremost. But our greatest strength lies in our multidisciplinary teams of physicians whose diff erent research interests and areas of expertise directly impact the care we provide. Expert neurological care, close to home. That’s the ultimate goal of the UVA’s pediatric neurology program.

How Can You Help

Research Fund

Start-up, or seed, funding for basic science research is essential for exploring new frontiers in pediatric neurology, helping us pursue all good ideas regardless of federal funding. One critical project seeks to understand the mechanisms of seizures and epilepsy, the first step in developing new treatments.

Support Services Endowment

This fund will provide long-term support of services that are vital components of care—components that are never fully reimbursed by insurance. This fund will help UVA provide all patients with access to experts such as neuropsychologists or dieticians.