UVA Health System Priorities

Always in the Name of Tomorrow

Cures Within Reach

There are still conditions that are hard to treat, diseases without a cure. That’s why researchers across the Health System are constantly in pursuit of answers. Fresh knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies are leading to remarkable advances in genetics, targeted therapies, and immunology. At UVA, we bring these discoveries out of the lab and to the bedside, putting our best ideas into practice for every patient.

You can help make the future of healthcare available today. Learn more about supporting research at UVA Health System. 

Put the Patient at the Center of Care

At UVA, delivering the highest-quality and safest healthcare to our patients is our top priority. That’s why we never stop striving to make our best better. We’re rethinking how we deliver patient care, with a renewed commitment to excellence. Our end goal is always to improve the human condition—by putting the patient first.

You can make a direct impact of the lives of patients and their families. Learn more about supporting patient care at UVA Health System. 

Transform Medical & Nursing Education  

The future of healthcare rests upon the shoulders of women and men who dream big. At UVA, our goal is to ensure that every student in our nationally ranked programs has the support they need to achieve their potential. Together, we will bring the brightest young minds to Grounds and give them the opportunity to work side by side with today’s healthcare leaders.

You can help foster the next generation of healthcare leaders. Learn more about supporting education at UVA Health System.