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U.S. News and World Report’s 2016-2017 “Best Hospitals” guide has recognized eight UVA Health System specialties and ranked UVA as the No. 1 hospital in Virginia.

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What's the buzz all about? Just our first ever Beekeeper of the Week, Alex Dalrymple. #justbeeyourself

Don't miss our photos from the 2016 White Coat Ceremony! You'll find a link to the album on our website, #uvamed #UVA #whitecoatceremony

Thursdays mean that our MERCI program is open! Volunteers sort through supplies that can no longer be used in the hospital, and they get donated to local animal shelters, medical mission trips, the medical and nursing schools for student training and much more. #uvaaspire #UVA #recycling

We're going live on Facebook at 3:15 to talk about an ultrasound treatment to treat tremors.

Probing the Secrets of Cell Identity

Dr. Ariel Gomez, a professor of pediatrics at the UVA School of Medicine, recently earned a national award for his explorations of the role of renin cells in hypertension.

Trial results show people with #essentialtremor saw major improvements after undergoing #focusedultrasound @NEJM

@UVASON's Ken White on caring for the dying, the focus of a @UVaCompassion conference 9-17 -

Study: Knees, Hips – But Not Ankles – Power the Fastest Olympic Sprinters

A biomechanical engineers’ study of the muscles of high-performance sprinters shows that, yes, they are different. But most of that comes from training.

Vital Signs: Lung cancer screening plays vital role in pursuing early treatment

According to the American Lung Association, a majority of lung cancers are diagnosed in the later stages, when the cancer is more advanced and, thus, more difficult to treat. To learn more about lung cancer screening, visit

Marian Lawson, RN, is a manager in our Heart & Vascular Center. She works on projects that impact and improve communications between inpatient, outpatient and procedural areas. She's been at #UVA for 31 years. #teamtuesday #nursing