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Welcome to 2017! We start the New Year feeling a sense of excitement about what lies ahead and tremendous pride in our 2016 accomplishments.

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Is This Normal?: The Causes of Heart Flutter & Palpitations

Has your heart ever skipped a beat? Click the photo to find out what causes heart flutter, and when you could have afib and should see a doctor.

7 Quick Questions: Meet Charlottesville Kidney Doctor Karen Warburton

Get to know Charlottesville kidney doctor Karen Warburton, who specializes in kidney and pancreas transplants at the University of Virginia. Click the photo to read more.

Thanks for the book! It's always a treat when we visit UVA children's hospital! What a wonderful children literacy organization! #thesohocenter #uvachildrenshospital #child2000

High Eye Pressure & Glaucoma: Why an Early Diagnosis is Key

Diagnosed with high eye pressure (ocular hypertension) or glaucoma? Click the photo to watch a video with a UVA ophthalmologist and learn about treatments in Charlottesville.

❤️❤️ For our second #valentinesday love story, we're pleased to share an update from alumni Laura Page, MD ’11 and her husband, Michael Compton, MD ‘10. They met during Laura's first year at the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia and have been married since May 2011. "Our son, Daniel Wilder Compton, was born on November 14, 2016. Fun fact: Helping ensure Daniel's safe arrival were two OBs with UVA connections – James (Jim) Edwards, MD'10, Michael's classmate from UVA, and Megan Barrett, who completed OB residency at UVA. We love that Danny's ties to the 'Hoos start at birth." Thanks, Laura and Michael, for sharing your story! #uvamed #UVA

❤️❤️ Today, in honor of #valentinesday, we'll be sharing the stories of two couples who met at the #UVA School of Medicine. First, we introduce you to Monica and Patrick Melmer from SMD'17. "We met at Arch’s on the Corner during RA orientation. We were on the same RA staff in Tuttle dorm during undergrad, where our first dates involved staying in with a pizza and studying our pre-med coursework. We were married in the UVA Chapel shortly after Final Exercises in 2012. It was the blessing of blessings that we both had the opportunity to return to Grounds for medical School." Read more of Monica and Patrick's story on our Facebook page. #uvamed

Click the photo to listen to UVA Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Thomas L'Ecuyer discuss congenital heart disorders found in children during a "Live Well" radio broadcast.

This #ValentinesDay, let's hear it for these teams that take care of our congenital heart disease patients!…

What's a STEMI? Getting Heart Attack Treatment at UVA

During a STEMI heart attack, the coronary artery becomes completely blocked. Click the photo to learn more about UVA heart attack treatment in Charlottesville, VA.

The wood version of where we'll be in three years, after the hospital expansion is complete #hospitallife #UVA #cville