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Welcome to 2017! We start the New Year feeling a sense of excitement about what lies ahead and tremendous pride in our 2016 accomplishments.

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About 50 percent of Virginia women who have a mammogram will receive a letter telling them that they have dense breast tissue. If you're one of them, don't panic. Find out what to do.

#TeamTuesday: Sometimes getting rejected from graduate school can open our eyes to new interests. After Ishan Williams completed her undergraduate degree in psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill, she applied to a industrial organizational psychology graduate program, but she didn’t get in. Instead, she took a job at nearby Wake Forest Medical Center helping a geriatrician with research interviews and data analysis. Around the same time, she and her mom became a caregiver to her grandmother. Those experiences inspired Ishan’s interest in family caregivers to older adults with chronic diseases, particularly in vulnerable populations who aren’t as aware of community resources. She ultimately completed a PhD and postdoctoral fellowship focused on aging and caregiving. She now teaches in three different graduate programs within the UVA School of Nursing while continuing her research on chronic illness and mental health among older adults and their caregivers. Ishan says she always embraced the opportunity to learn something new, a philosophy she shares with her students. Ishan’s husband is part of the U.Va. Curry School of Education faculty, and they have three children.

Meet UVA SOM faculty Bert Kinsey, PharmD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, who works on regulatory T cells:…

The Gift of a Kidney: Spring Vim & Vigor

Read the remarkable story of a family's history of kidney transplants, focused ultrasound and the recovery of actor Mark Ruffalo from a rare brain tumor. Click the photo for the spring issue of UVA Health System's family health magazine.

When Screening for Disease, Risk is as Important to Consider as Benefits, Study Indicates

Statistician Karen Kafadar is developing new techniques for understanding the difference between length of diagnosis and length of life regarding cancer screening. Click the photo to read more.

Start training now for November's Bill Steers Men's Four Miler. Be a Four Miler Man!

Did you know? Kids who are old enough to keep still can watch movies during their MRI scan using a pair of special glasses. With headphones in, they can hear the movie plus any instructions from the technologist. Thanks to the pediatric teams at UVA, kids stay happy and calm and aren't scared by the big machines!

Pediatric Urology & Family Ties | Sean Corbett, MD Director of Pediatric Urology at the University of Virginia shares his views and concerns with regards to the relevance of family support in the care of young patients. Produced by HFP | global media. HD 1:21 min

It's a beautiful day in Charlottesville! Are you at the #uvacancercenter today? If so, enjoy your lunch outside on our rooftop terrace! #dontforgetyoursunscreen #ecccc