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Researchers at UVA are on track to eradicate a disease that plagues nearly 1.5 million Americans, many of whom are children and adolescents. With the help of experts from across disciplines, UVA’s School of Medicine is leading a three-pronged approach to better detect, control and eventually cure Type 1 diabetes.

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About 86 million Americans have pre-diabetes, and many don't know it #podcast #DefeatDiabetesMonth

Andy Southerland interviewing Jony Kipnis, Chair of UVA Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Brain Immunology and Glia, for the Neurology Podcast. Dr. Kipnis delivered a Hot Topics Plenary talk @aanbrain on "The Role of CNS-draining Lymphatics in Neurological Diseases." #brain #neuro

Congratulations to the participants of the 2016-2017 Junior Faculty Development Program for completing the course! Yesterday, they presented their mentored, scholarly projects, with several of their department chairs/mentors in attendance. It has been an honor to work with these faculty members through the JFDP, and we look forward to their continued success at UVA and the contributions they will make to medicine and medical education. Faculty selected for the 2017-2018 JFDP will be announced soon. Applications to participate in the program are accepted in early spring. Participants, from left to right: • Kelly G. Gwathmey, MD, Asst Prof of Neurology • Kelly B. Mahaney, MD, Asst Prof of Neurological Surgery • Laahn H. Foster, MD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Michael K. Keng, MD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Jeanetta W. Frye, MD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Jonathan S. Black, MD, Asst Prof of Plastic Surgery • Sana F. Khan, MBBS, Asst Prof of Medicine • Amanda M. Kleiman, MD, Asst Prof of Anesthesiology • Gilbert R. Kinsey, DPHARM, PhD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Simon J. Lehtinen, MD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Sula Mazimba, MD, Asst Prof of Medicine • Anuj Singla, MBBS, Instructor of Orthopaedic Surgery

Congratulations to the UVA #SNMA chapter which recently won the Region VI Chapter of the Year Award. We were pleased to provide financial support to help 15 students attend the 2017 #AMEC conference in Atlanta. Some of those students are seen here, along with Judy Pointer, MEd, from the Office for Diversity at the UVA School of Medicine. #uvamed #UVA

HOTW: Jeff Elias and Binit Shah's New England Journal of Medicine paper on focused ultrasound was named as one of the Top 10 Clinical Research Achievements of 2016. The Clinical Research Forum presented Jeff Elias with the award last night at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. Congratulations! #essentialtremor #focusedultrasound #fus #nationalpressclub #clinicalresearch

Pulmonary Hypertension: No Longer the Kingdom of the Near-Dead

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) once went by another name: “the kingdom of the near-dead.” IV treatments, Viagra and heart and lung transplants treat PH today. Click the photo to read more. Emma! Emma was born 7 years ago with an unknown congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). She was in the UVA NICU for about 6 weeks to repair the CDH and recover. Every year since then, Emma and her family have done projects in honor of her courageous battle and in recognition of CDH Awareness Day (March 31st - her birthday!). This year, Emma got to choose and because all her baby pictures from the NICU showed her only wearing socks while she was too sick to wear clothes, she wanted to ensure all the NICU babies had something stylish. Her initial goal was to collect 1,000 socks to donate, but her parents thought that might be a bit unreachable. So Emma decided 373 pairs of socks was appropriate! Over the last couple of months, she collected 1,823 pairs!!! Last week, in addition to hosting a pizza party at the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville, she came to the NICU to make sure our current babies' feet stay warm! Thank you Emma for your unbelievable donation and more importantly for your heart of service!

"There were days when I though 'I can't go on another day,'" Davis said. "And then I remembered that Molly did it and she survived. And I will too." Molly McDow Frost For Love of Molly Foundation

#TeamTuesday: While applying to medical school, Austin Sim became interested in healthcare policies. He spoke with the UVA medical school's administration and, with their blessing, became the first UVA student to go through a combined six-year program with the University of Virginia School of Law. Now that he's about to graduate with both an MD and a JD, Austin plans to primarily practice radiation oncology and do policy work on the side. In July, he'll be heading to VCU Health for a preliminary year before he goes to Moffitt Cancer Center for his residency.