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Can you imagine a world without cancer? It’s not just a dream. UVA Cancer Center is leading the way with compassionate care and groundbreaking research.

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SW Virginia has higher death rates from cancer than the rest of the state. This program hopes to help

As we enter 2018 we remember our beautiful namesake, Alyssa Grace Divers. A fierce firework with a heart of pure gold who was stolen from this world five years ago today. Alyssa inspires us every single day to help other children in medical crisis. To provide a space of love and support. To bring families together. To ease the burden on families fighting the toughest battles and children going through things no child should ever have experience. To everyone who has walked with us on this journey....thank you. Thank you for helping us honor and remember Alyssa. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children in need. Thank you for opening your hearts to The Alyssa House. In true Alyssa fashion, nothing is more important than family. #thealyssahouse #nonprofit #cancersucks #children #uvachildrens #uvahealthsystem @uva_childlife

You may have heard that a family history of cancer puts you at greater risk for the disease. But does that include all cancer, and should you consider genetic cancer testing? Here's what you need to know about why genetic testing is important for gynecologic cancers and whether it's right for you.

For Women Dealing with Cancer, Writing Workshop Helps Reclaim Life

After finding the practice of writing an empowering way to reclaim her sense of self as she dealt with breast cancer, poet Charlotte Matthews is taking her writing workshops to other women at UVA Cancer Center, online and elsewhere. Click the photo to learn more.

Powerful Glow Lights the Way to Medical Breakthroughs

A UVA researcher has made biological material glow bright and red, with big benefits for cancer research, drug development and more. Click the photo to learn more.

#UVA's Dr. Timothy Showalter on why a potentially life-saving treatment for cervical cancer was being less utilized.

There are plenty of superfoods and trendy supplements that hog the spotlight, but what about vitamin K? Here's what you need to know about this important, unsung nutrient.

What do cancer caregivers have in common with Sheryl Sandburg? Resiliency. Find out our favorite books for cancer caregivers, and let us know about a book that especially touched you.