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Can you imagine a world without cancer? It’s not just a dream. UVA Cancer Center is leading the way with compassionate care and groundbreaking research.

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Stem cell transplants seek to cure patients with blood cancer such as #leukemia, #lymphoma and #myeloma

If you were out and about yesterday on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall, you may have seen some of our team members! THRIV and the Clinical Trials Outreach Team were set up on the Downtown Mall yesterday sharing knowledge about research and clinical trials with the Charlottesville community members.

Only 5 percent of adults with cancer enroll in clinical trials, despite how necessary trials are to advancing cancer research. Misconceptions about clinical trials could be discouraging participation — learn the facts.

Congratulations to the 2018 Silver Lining Award nominees and winner for Excellence in Oncology Nursing Practice! We ❤️ cancer nurses!

Chemotherapy treatment can be draining, but that's no excuse to put your life on hold. Find out what you need to be…

Kudos to pediatric oncologist Daniel "Trey" Lee. @CRForumUS recognized him for his gene therapy work…

Sunscreen can protect you from skin cancer, so why are some of us nervous to slather it on? Find the truth here.

Pioneering New 3D Cancer Model to Speed New Treatments

A new 3D cancer model that can mimic the complex nature and behavior of a real tumor will accelerate the development of a new and better cancer treatments. Click the photo to read more.

Pediatric Oncologist Honored on Top 10 List of Clinical Research Achievements

A School of Medicine researcher’s pioneering work in childhood cancer has been honored as one of the top 10 clinical research achievements of 2017. Click the photo to read more.

This National Volunteer Week, Visit the UVA Cancer Center

National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to highlight some of the ways volunteers support the patients and caregivers here at UVA Cancer Center. Click the photo to read more.