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Study: Michigan Heart Surgery Outcomes Improved After Medicaid Expansion

The study compared patients in Michigan, where Medicaid expanded, and Virginia, where it did not. Click the photo to learn more.

UVA School of Medicine kidney research has unexpectedly led to a discovery about the formation of the heart, including the identification of a gene responsible for a deadly cardiac condition.

Pulmonary hypertension used to be called "the kingdom of the near-dead"

Last year, we shared a video of Kyrie celebrating his first birthday in the hospital. Here he is a year later, with a new heart!

Kyrie Hughes, who received a #hearttransplant last year, was back for a visit today to encourage organ and blood donation! #donatelife #donatelifemonth #chdawareness

Lynchburg-area resident Eric Koontz is an avid athlete, so when he started having trouble catching his breath, he thought it might be the flu. He actually had a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse, and it got so bad he had trouble caring for his three children.