Cancer Center Advisory Board

The Cancer Center Advisory Board assists with community outreach programs, advocates for improvements in the art and science of patient care and provides support and initiatives to accomplish the work, goals and objectives of the Cancer Center. Contact Jocelyn Lewis for more information.

Cancer Center Advisory Board

Phyllis Palmiero, Chair
Rosemary Postle, Vice-Chair
Julie B. Speasmaker, Vice-Chair
Charlotte Barnes Dammann
Melba Campbell
S. Miles Dumville
Harry Frazier IV
Clifford S. Gibbons
Colleen J. Grant
Kathryn (Kate) A. Hamilton
J. Michael (Mike) Kirkman
Caroline W. McLean
Susan McConnell
Diane S. Melton
Wendy S. Seay
Charles (Charlie) H. Seilheimer, Jr.
Virginia (Ginny) Semmes
Linda F. Shank
Lee H. Silver
Julie B. Speasmaker
Ella Strubel
Joseph M. Sullivan
Cita S. Suratgar
Gary W. Taylor

Ex-Officio Member:

Thomas P. Loughran Jr., MD

Non-Voting Members

Reid Adams, MD
Jocelyn Lewis
Dina Gould Halme, PhD
Jody K. Reyes, MSBA, RN, OCN
Maggie Van Winkle
Martha Weiss